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Michael Kurn | Founder of Desire Dream Vision

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Growing up though Michael's ambition was to be a professional footballer but after the realisation he wasn't going to make it he had a choice. Give up on something he loved, or find another way to get there and in that moment Desire Dream Vision was born.

A career in broadcasting was the new path and the way to the Premier League. By the age of 24 he made his Premier League debut, not as a player but as a presenter. He has gone on to host sporting events across the globe from the Cricket World Cup to 2016 Olympic Games.

Along with broadcasting Michael is a reserve British Army Officer Commissioning out of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2022.

After following his dreams to achieve his goal Michael is a firm believer in helping others reach their full potential.

In his talk Michael shares his journey and shows you how you can achieve your dreams and goals. It will help you put together your Blue Print for success by using the Desire Dream Vision Philosophies. From having a plan in place and discovering your inspiration. 

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"Michael was great the students got a lot from that"

Chris Purnell | Business Director | Meoncross Academy


Michael can speak on a range of topics from following your goals and ambition, dealing with adversity and leadership. 
From large scale seminars to schools and in house training Michael is a great choice to inspire your audience.



What ever you want in life if you want it bad enough you can get it!

Michael takes you through his journey from aspiring footballer to presenting the Premier League across the globe. Using the key element of his Desire Dream Vision philosophy he will cover how to deal with adversity, why we will all face failure and how to make a plan and respect time

Ideal for schools, college and universities. this is a talk ideal for inspiring the next generation.

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Everyone is a leader

Using his vast experience in business, broadcast and team sports along with the lessons learned as a British Army Reserve Officer Michael takes you deep into what it means to be a leader. Using his three leadership principles, YOU, INSPIRE & YOUR TEAM, Michael takes you on an interactive journey to help make you the best leader you can be.

Ideal for all team environments in business, sport and education.

DDV LEADERSHIP Seminar Workshop


Train you and your team to be the best leaders you can and be ready to tackle any situation

This half day workshop will take you in detail through the three key pillars of the DDV leadership philosophy. YOU, INSPIRE, YOUR TEAM.

This interactive session will cover a range of topics and includes interactive activities and through provoking discussion.

From professional sports teams to business of all sizes this half day of training will leave a lasting impact on you and your team.

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